Thursday, March 3, 2016

Do you feel the same?

It’s been two complete months since I last wrote. Several plans I had as how to go about with the written works. But even at the moment I haven’t moved a step. It seems like creativeness lost its way altogether. Perhaps due to the rough start it might be. My ideas got murdered before having implemented, due to personal circumstances actually. Because I could not start on time, the urge, the optimism died entirely. I felt demotivated. Do you feel the same?

I feel disordered. I am not able to sort out what’s decent and what’s not. All these days I stood unproductive. I simply have no explanations for these weird moods. I am aware that I have quite a few matters to take care of. If I put an additional energy I can accomplish wholly. BUT somehow something pops in and intrudes the whole thing. I feel demotivated over again. Do you feel the same?

Yet, on the clearer side I have been truly blessed getting to attend the Third Bloggers Conference. Getting to take part in, once in a life time occasion, celebration of the birth of Gyalsey. A get-together with my favorites never leaves me uninspired. I can hardly believe that I am actually a part of the wonderful circle. The delightfulness of getting to be with my stars is simply immeasurable. I get enormous inspiration and a whole new outlook whenever I get to see this group of perfect personalities. Do you feel the same?

Lately, I have come across quite a number of people who addressed me as a photographer. Well, I am yet to be entitled as one I know. However I am honestly grateful for having my efforts appreciated. The credit is yours again. It is your comments and reproaches that made me work harder. I have the ability and I can prosper, I have been told. At any time destructive judgments had me saddened, I recalled your words and looked forward.  A genuine statement keeps me encouraged unquestionably. Do you feel the same?

Please do let me know if any of the above mentioned point reflects your condition.

P.S : I hope you have been doing well. Sorry for being inactive all these days. With new hopes and dreams alike Spring I am here to restart over again.

Thank you for reading. Please do visit again. Have a wonderful week ahead. Take Care.



  1. OH YES! I do feel the same. In fact, that's the current mood I'm in now. So demotivated in life. But it's ah-ok. :) And I need that little spark of fire.

    But don't worry, we are all here in the same boat, after all hoomans we are :). So cheer up Leki. Keep the spirit of motivation stirring and I'm sure you will go a long way. This is also a note to self :P.


    1. ahhh I have a friend at least :P Thank you for your words aue :) Terrible net out here, sorry, I could not reply. Anyways do take care. Wonderful day :)

  2. Yes,I too feel the same.oftentimes,I lost FOCUS. Then entirely my hopes get demoralised.

    1. Yet another friend :) Lets hope for the best dear. Better things must be in store :) Take care anyways. Wonderful day.

  3. Yes,I too feel the same.oftentimes,I lost FOCUS. Then entirely my hopes get demoralised.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Karma :) Am so glad you liked it. Thank you for taking time to visit my page. Please do visit again. Have a wonderful weekend. take Care!


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