Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Birthday to my dearest :)

Happy Birthday to my dear sister. Nothing on earth is as worth to repay the love you have for me. I hope you know that my love is no less either. Thank you for being mine.

No feeling on earth is greater than seeing you grow up. Distance shall be of no reason when our hearts are tied with bond of love. "Our heart says we are best friends, our root says we are sisters". You are my dearest friend, the most valuable gift. I am simply overwhelmed to see my only sister perform so well. I only aspire to see you fly higher for the reason that you deserve beyond.

Time eventually passed out. When days were rough you and I had it faced mutually. Jointly you and I overcame disaster that had us shattered down to earth. Summing up those pieces would truly have been impossible in your absence. Other days we laughed, because with you every day is no ordinary. Thank you for being in through thick and thin.

Together we are magicians, aren't we? Nights can be turned into gossip hours and half the day into snoring hour..haha But that's the charm of the exclusive bonding we share. We are never enough when it comes to chitchat. So grateful I am for having us grouped as siblings. You are the most costly gift I could ever ask for. May the heaven above bless us to follow the same trail until the end of time.

Bygone are those days where we cried for chocolates and scream at the middle of the night when the lights went off. Stealing milk powder is no longer an interest. Decades passed, yet, the reminiscences are so fresh. Growing up would have merely been unavoidable law if you weren't by my side. You are the radiance that made my existence worth.

On this wonderful day, from thousand miles apart, here I send never changing love to my only sister, immense care to a faultless friend. May you at all times find a reason to smile. May you be courageous enough to walk through the strongest storm. May cheerfulness be your way in every step you progress. May the days ahead bring in never-ending accomplishment!

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  1. Nice one....I also join you in wishing your loveliest sister a very"HAPPY BIRTHDAY"...May her life shine like a golden rays of sun and may she accomplish pinnacles of success.


    1. Thank you for the wishes, dear Ugyen. Thank you for taking time to visit my page. Please do visit again. Happy Weekend. Take Care!

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Karma. Please do visit again. Happy Weekend. Take Care!

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    1. Thank you so much, dear Thinley. Please do visit again. Happy Weekend. Take Care!


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