Saturday, September 27, 2014

The “kakur” Award :D

Sherubtse has 7 girls and 8 boy’s hostel. The upper girl’s hostels are allotted for self catering scholars. There are four, Gakiling, Dekiling, Pemaling and Tshogayling, where I reside. Degree Hostel 2 is yet another resident for girls, self catering. Unlike the four, it is located right above the football ground. MPH (Mother Peters Hall) and DH 5 are allotted for the science students who eat in the mess hall. DH 4 is the only resident for boys where learners are served. DH 3 is said to be the longest hostel with a highest number of inmates in. DH 1, DH 6, DH 7, DH 8, Thubtenling and Minjurling are the upper boy’s hostel, self catering.

For weeks, the inmates have been burning the midnight oil to compete with the other inhabitants. All the 15 hostels take part in the Annual Hostel Boedra Night. It was hosted on 27th September.  It is being celebrated in every fall semester when the new friends turn up. The theme revolves around preservation of culture and traditions. It is the series each person looks forward for. Away from singing and dancing, students also add stage show to amuse the crowd.  The entire the inmates are to have a say in the episode. Numbers are rewarded for mass partaking and creativeness besides the habitual markings.

There is couple of matchless move toward the occurrence that brings in endless apprehension and enthusiasm. First, girls put on the attire of a man and vice versa. Weeks to the lead we hunt for apposite costume. My boarding house attached to craft a Tshechu panorama. I am no fine performer so I had to be a part of the illustration by acting as an audience, the least I could do. Tsholhams were borrowed from Tashigang Rabdey.  “It took hours to put ourselves into the right attire. Braiding of hair to build manly glance, trying out monks shoes, and of all, putting on heavy sesho gho was hectic”, declared a roommate of mine. She was energized to have put herself into new appearance. For the girls, Mentha was the uniform for the night. For days we worked on to shape ornaments (Juru).  Well, it is only in Sherubtse where we produce beads out of neutrella  ;D Hair band and broach out of tissue paper.

Identical picture tag along in the men’s tenant. It is bothersome for them to put into women’s apparel. They put on false hair to make it look real. Guys also put on costume of a warrior depicting the ancient exist. Atsaras (clown) are also supplemented to divert the viewers. The students stroll hiding as the friends laughs at. The show goes on for about 4 hours. Anxiety swells as the demonstration nears to the end. No audiences leave till the declaration of the outcome, for the reason that, there rest the most exciting piece.

Well, well, in here we are least anxious about who the victor is. Isn’t it what we usually look forward for? Ahh!!! It is in the Peak of Learning, the Sherubtseans have an unusual move toward. We hang around to witness who came after everyone else. Isn’t it unique? Yeah, the first and second prizes are declared, all we do is a bit of cheering and appreciation. No exhilaration or wish many happy returns to. Now what about the last position owner?? Make a guess??

The hostel who happens to be the last is given “ KAKURS”, yes pumpkins. Funny? It is then honored with a majestic festivity. A ceremonial chebdrel is being performed with labey dance as in any important occasion. The khandrums then give in their best performance. At last 25 kilograms of pumpkin is awarded to the luckiest.. LOL. This year the kakurs went to DH 1, OMG! They will be named as “KAKURLING” for next consecutive semesters, unless, they prove better the next happening. Thank god, the kakurs did not come to us. The night went on till 1am. Finally, everyone went for trouble free sleep, except the inmates of DH1 who have to sit for a gathering where they rejoice their lost by eating kakur tsoem.

P.S: Please do pardon me if you (friends of DH 1) happen to read this. I hope you enjoyed going through. Thank you for sparing in precious time of yours. Please do visit again. Happy Sunday! Take Care :)


  1. Nice one! I heard about it before from my Sherabtsian friends. Nice to go through your post. luckily,your block wasn't the one to received "KAKUR". Haha.

    1. Thank you indeed Jigme. Yeah we are not the luckiest :p at least. Thank you for dropping in. Please do visit again. Have a wonderful week ahead. Take Care :)

  2. Especially I like the heavenly names of the hostel. But I didn't like the name went to DH 1 as kakurling. The occupants of kakurling must definitely try to chuck the given name.

    1. Indeed so pretty are the names. Haha truly DH1 got to put in their best, the next competition. Thank you for dropping in, Norbu sir. Please do visit again. Have a wonderful week ahead. Take Care :)


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