Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adjustments ??

In the recent years, there seems to be an immense rise in the intake of students by the management of Sherubtse College. The number of intakes in 2012 was 416, 503 in 2013 and 730 in 2014. Inviting a huge number seems to be of no trouble but the accommodation is. A room which is to be used by two is being shared among four. A pair of table, chair and cupboard is made to divide up. In few hostels, even the TV rooms are occupied to fit in the fellow mates. “The room becomes too crowded. At times it causes distraction when I sit down to study. There seems to be a timing mismatch since we are in different courses”, said Pema Lhadon of Economics and Geography, 1st semester.

For the self catering hostels, sharing of kitchen has been found to be a common threat. Four rooms, sixteen people share a kitchen. “It is found littered most of the time. The dogs get in easily and have the dustbins scattered around. It could be cleaner if there were less in mates”, said Phuntso Wangmo of Dzongkha History, 1st semester.

The elders say that the increase in the number of intake might lead to disorder amongst, regarding the sharing of facilities provided. The seniors might have to adjust a friend or two in every room if the number keeps rising. “At present, we are three in a room. I am doubtful that we might have to adjust a new friend in the coming semesters”, claims Cheten Lhaden of Economics and Geography, 3rd semester.

“There is an extreme raise in the number of intake this year. We had to adjust fifty seven new friends in fourteen rooms. The figure is almost twice to the previous year”, said Choki Wangmo of English Dzongkha, 5th semester. She is one of the councilors to Tshogayling, one among the four upper girls hostel.

Well, I do take up a room with two mates of mine. We had, till date, no prevalence whereby we had to fight for stuffs or with regard to allotment of gap. Living as one for three consecutive semesters made us know each other quite well. Truly, hopeful I am that things would indeed turn out healthier and make us reside in the unchanged setting.

P.S: I did no inquiry to the management. Solely based upon the views of students it is. I have the figures noted down from a notification where the seats for morning assembly were allocated. Profound gratefulness to my roomies, Manie and Kinga for making things walk off fine. Your assist and understanding will constantly be needed.

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  1. While intake of students is almost taking a geometric progression without concurrent increase in amenities, I could see impending woes that ensue. However, with increased intake, doors are open for many to take undergraduate course, which is undoubtedly good for the nation. I can see there is definitely a need for the management to revisit and see how more students can study without compromising with facilities. Thanks.


    1. Indeed it is a step towards the fulfillment of dreams, of hundreds of students to complete undergraduate courses. At the same time the inconveniences are to be looked upon as well. Thank you for visiting Sangay sir. Please do visit again. Wonderful week ahead. Take care :)

  2. A good thought, Leki. Besides the content of the post, the post looked like a news report by a professional journalist. Keep writing and improving. Nicely written, Leki. :)

    1. Thank you Langa :) Glad to see you again. Thank you for dropping in. Please do visit again. Good day!!


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