Thursday, September 4, 2014

20 facts about me

I had this jotted down to have replied my friends on Instagram who had me tagged in their picture. This is same as the Book Bucket Challenge on facebook, that seems to have widespread in the past few days. In here, I was made to upload a picture of mine, jot down 20 facts about and pass on to other friends by having them tagged on my post.

Well, these are the facts I had them presented with!

1. Good at eating. Anything Anytime :p
2. Love songs are something I cannot keep away from.
3. Photography and knitting happens to be favourite job of mine.
4. Cannot survive without my family.
5. The best to people who matters to me.
6. Like to be with friends who understands me.
7. At times being alone makes me feel better.
8. You can bribe me with chocolates if I happen to be mad with :D
9. LOVE and FRIENDSHIP own distinct places.
10. The very first and forever bestie of mine is no one but my sister.
11. Fond of doing last minute work.
12. Numericals and scientific experiments make no sense. Failed terribly in BHSEC 12 :(
13. Can't help falling in for the creations of nature, FLOWERS especially. Got collections back home.
14. Family comes first, always!
15. At times I can be down for no reason. Still wonder why?
16. Living would be no less than hell in the absence of my loved ones.
17. I am a dreamer.
18. Happy for being who I am.
19. Love colors, pink and purple, the best.
 20. Big fan of ear rings, bracelet and broach :)

~ Thank you for Visiting ~


  1. Good that I knew you in more senses through this post. But I think how you have mentioned your first fact deserves some changes. I am sure you'll not eat everything....:D


    1. Haha las la Sherab sir. A bit exaggeration it was. Meant to notify that I eat a lot :p Hope I will get to know more on you as well. Thank you for truthful words of yours. Please do visit again. Wonderful weekend! Takecare :)

  2. Good to know further of you through this post. Fact No. 8 is interesting about you. Thanks.

    1. Haha I can be so nagging as little ones :p Would love to know more on you as well, Sangay sir. Thank you for dropping in thoughtful words of yours. Please do visit again. Wonderful weekend! Takecare :)


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