Thursday, July 3, 2014

A letter

Dear precious,

For the very first time I am writing to you in actual black and white. Though, I had you bothered endless, silently. I had your name enchanted with tears of contentment, in times of best instances, wishing you to be by my side to have the moment remembered. In times of blue, I yelled with rage and remorse for things would have been much better in your presence. For now I truly have all my complaints away. I only want to have you thanked for all the things that you had it done for me.

Growing up would not have been as simple had you been not there to pull me up when I was being lost. Childhood would be of no less than a nightmare, had it not been for your presence. You had me walked by in every little step of mine. Through thick and thin you had me guided by the same token. You always had a reason to make me smile. Hardships were unheard of till the day you left.

The bliss was not a gift without end. Truly, unaware I was, that a downpour is inevitable if one gets to enjoy the summer radiant. Life had me showered with mystification out of the blue. It wasn't only the heavy shower from an ever since clear sky but the storm had my drive altered evermore. You having me left with no greetings killed me eternally. Had I been too cruel that you ran off with no statement? Or, had I been too ignorant to perceive last words of yours?

The day you died a part of me died too. I yearned for hours in disbelief. I cried my heart out, but no tears of mine could mend what was gone. My cry wasn't loud enough to wake you up. My prayers could bring in no miracles. You had your path chosen already. You had me left with a pain that could be healed with no medicine. A scar, within the cage of my ribs, which could be cured with no treatment. So cruel has my living turned out to be, but then, reality shows mercy upon none. I was no exception either. Days turned into months with me showing no sign of alteration for the truth was indigestible yet.

Years passed and I am still the same. I make it to be happy wearing a smile but within I feel no better. With enormous disbelief I realize that it is three complete years since you had me left. Yet, the remembrance of having you by my side seems so fresh. Should it not be the previous day, where you had me bake at midnight watching a recipe show, since you wanted to try one? Wasn't it a day before where you had me bribed with chocolates to have your uniforms washed?  Wasn’t it an hour ago, where you had me forced for shopping? Those days never seems to get washed out, and will never, for it was all true.

Life is but a journey where you had me left in the first half of mine. I will have to live on with those unfading reminiscences of ours for the rest. Nothing on earth is as worth to repay the love you had for me. Beyond doubt, I yearn for those days. Although, it was not forever, grateful I am, for having you as my brother once along the passage of my life. Thank you for unrestricted love of yours. I hope you knew that I loved you too. I do and will, for all time to come. You will, until the end of time, have a special place in my heart. A place filled with feelings of warmth and happiness, for, in me you live eternally.

Truly, you are being missed, my love.


  1. An emotional letter, Leki. May he get your message of love, and about how much you miss his presence. May his soul find a wonderful body to dwell in sooner. Sorry for the loss.
    Nice writing, Leki.

  2. He is in a better place I believe. Thank you for consoling word of yours Langa. Life indeed is a mystery, we are ought to have it accepted, be good or bad. It was destined to be, I could do nothing but toil through the hardship. Thank you for visiting every post of mine. Please do visit again :)

  3. words from heart!..May his soul finds solace and happiness...keep writing Leki

  4. Thank you.Please do visit again. Good Day :)

  5. Whoa ..When you were in love sick. ..haha👆

    1. Still in, he was the best brother. Thank you for dropping in. Please do visit again. Take Care!


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