Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A greeting

Currently, I am in third semester, second year, haha senior as we are being referred to, out here at Sherubtse.  New friends are already in. Yeah, I had them welcomed fine, I should say. Last Saturday, 26th of July, I had myself grilled under the scorching sun. Right from the morning I and a few friends of mine, killed time at the foremost opening of hostel to have the new inmate’s directed to reach their rooms. It wasn’t so trouble-free. We weren’t just a guide.

Alas! I was deprived of this. I took a reserve bus when I first came here, exactly a year ago. How ill-fated I was. I was being dropped in the boy’s hostel. The guys helped me to the extent they could. They had my entire luggage put down safely.  It was 8.30pm already, after which, students are not allowed to hang around, not for girls at least. I cannot be residing in the men’s residence!

Above all, the worst part, it rained cats and dogs. The guys gradually cleared themselves up. I was left alone :’( . Gosh! What am I suppose to do next? I was clueless about the place. Where should I be heading to? So terrific it was, to be all unaided. Finally, gathering up all the bravery, I had to make a call to a senior of mine, who happened to be my cousin’s friend. He had me texted her number. Thank god! After about an hour, there she showed up with a cab. I had of the heaviest luggage amongst xD , only, because I did not want to have begged my roomies to share one. I have everything of my own. I can’t and will never have the spirit to ask others stuff, be it simple as hair clip, so I really had to mound it all, right from Thimphu.

Well, that’s how I got through. As of now, the new friends, none of them must have been confronted with such. I and my mates had their names registered, carried all their luggage, good as horse, I say, it wasn’t so painless. A few had themselves overloaded with rice too, which I thought was unnecessary. One can get it easily from the nearby shop. We sweated so tough. On top, a few wanted to switch themselves in the hostels where their friends were, yet again, a hectic task. I had to run endless to crosscheck the name list, see the councilors of both the hostels, find replacements and finally carry the loads again. I even had to talk to the resident tutors to have them allowed, to have their seats exchanged.  So tiresome it was, but that is of no concern. I am now with contentment that I had myself devoted entirely to have them welcomed.

The new friends, fresher’s, as termed, had their admissions. They will for a week undergo an orientation program, which usually includes the introduction, on rules and regulation, modules and courses being offered.  It is so enlightening to see new faces, each with a hope, a dream and a goal.

Truly, you are being welcomed in.

Lots of love, LCD.


  1. Good job. They would have been happy to have seniors like you. :)

  2. Haha thank you so much Langa. I just wanted to have them saved from being another me. Thank you for visiting. Good Days ahead :)

  3. Happiness is in helping as much as in giving. You did your share of helping newcomers. It is nice of seniors. I remember doing same thing in college. It is duty if you see and moral if you think. Thanks.

  4. So true sir :) Thank you for wonderful words of yours. Thank you for taking time to visit my post. Please do visit again. Good Day!


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