Friday, May 16, 2014

Who am I ??

I have been alive for 20 years now but had little or no realization of who I am. Never have I been so serious to explore myself. I thought I knew myself better than anyone else. Physically, I am nothing special to look at. That is of no concern though. The way I see myself is not how the world sees me. Many a times I am being labeled by my background or the people whom I associate with. However, I take it as an absurd. Why should I be defined with respect to the environment I live in?  What people think of me is none of my worry. I am happy for being who I am. I have no false image to be retained. Silly, witty or unreasonable I may seem to be but that’s me. I am the same wherever I am. I am not being myself, I believe, if I change to please someone. It is the heart and soul of a person that defines him or her, not the appearance.

Changes always played a considerable part in my life from the very beginning. Time eventually passes out, whether it is the best instant that I wished to freeze forever or the worst where I yearned to vanish. I see no changes being made on daily bases carrying out regular schedule but nothing is same as I look back. As a kid I dreamt of being a tutor, doctor at times. I had no specific goal.  I gave no concern to my inner voice. I was being suppressed by the fear that people would laugh upon silly thoughts of mine. Now I realize that it is not others perception that identify me but being true self. I make sure to have enough time for my family. They are the most important part of my life. Living would be of no meaning in the absence of my loved ones. I love listening to music. I also love to collect flowers.

We are all born for a purpose, I believe. Finding the purpose is the only way to name ourselves. Yet, so shameful it is to reveal that I have not found mine. I am a dreamer. I am a youngster with a dream to travel around the globe and explore. I have a dream to be a photojournalist someday. I have always been interested in taking pictures. I would rather flip through the captivating scenes than reading.  Owing to my fortune the Royal University of Bhutan had me selected for Media Studies in Sherubtse. I came here without a clue of what the course is about. My numbers of BHSEC outcome was too little to opt for other filed. I had it confirmed to be here with no other option. In the introductory session, when I was being inquired as to why I was interested in the course, honestly, I had it revealed that I was left with no choice. The class had me laughed upon. However, with time passing by, I fitted in with the environment. Progressively, I gained interest in the course. The tutors seemed gracious and supportive which made it easy to approach one.

I am glad for having chosen the route. I can work on to achieve my dream. I was meant to be at Sherubtse, I believe. Fate had me dropped in the stage where my interest was situated. There is no better course to media that fits in with my passion. With no doubt, certainly, I am heading for better tomorrow. I leave no opportunity to try out things that bypass. I am enthusiastically looking forward to make the best of everything that would guide me to be a photojournalist.

Assignment – Digital Media and Journalism
Spring Semester 2014


  1. Keep going and life is worth exploring with right understanding~~

  2. Sure. Thank you for going through. Please do visit again :)

  3. Wow...Lekey you have described yourself in the best words I can relate to..:D. Never mind. BTW you have also expressed what I have felt when I joined college for the first time. But time heals every wound. And adaptability is what I have considered the greatest gift we human beings can get. Nice post. Enjoyed reading. Keep exploring things and try to reach a position where you can define yourself in absolute terms. Best of luck Lekey!

  4. Thank you for the words sir. Indeed, everything seems normal after a while. Thank you for taking time to visit my blog. Please do visit again. Good Day :)


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