Saturday, April 26, 2014


Habitually I log in to social networking sites in the evening once I reach my room after the classes. I find it refreshing. I would spend an hour or half before dinner. It’s the time I have for myself to take a fine rest. After all, so tiresome it is to walk all the way from academic block to the hostel. I reside in the upper girl’s hostel, self catering, if you know about the area.

I normally go through updates on facebook, check in and reply the mails if there’s any, and tweet on the lessons I learned or an incident that occurred. I also converse with my friends via g+ hangout and facebook messengers, whereas I prefer to exchange voice message with my sister via wechat. She would have flooded my inbox with emoticons. Today as I logged in, she had me shared a picture snapped while having dinner. I have the conversations carved down.

Sissy: Dinner time, Ama cooked kewa for me! :P

Me: Great. I want to have it also :(

Sissy: You can  :)

Me: I wish :(

Sissy: Zandem! Why are you being so lazy?

Me: Gachi lo? 3:)

Sissy: Choe ra zo bay za mey. Don’t always make your friends cook for you.

Me: I do, at times  o:)

Sissy: I know how frequently you do, especially breakfast! :3

Me: Tey? They do, it makes no difference :P

Sissy: I knew you would say this, that’s why I am sending you the pics of yummy curry that ama had for me, so that it might boost you up to cook one.

Me: >.<

Sissy: You can cook much better than me but you are being so sluggish. Don’t always take in fried ema! The easy method that you exercise.

Me: I don’t! :D

Sissy: As if it sounds right!!

Me: Yaya, I will cook dari gi dinner :P fine?

Sissy: Dendara zo mey. I will ask Manie.

Me: Yaya, zo tsaw dha patab bey key gay mey. I will prove it :D

Sissy: Yaya, I will be waiting.

Me: Sure, bye catchya at 8.30.

Sissy: Yaya <3

I then filled up the rice cooker and had it plugged in. Peeled off the potatoes and had the dinner ready after 40 minutes. Impatiently, I took a snap of my kewa tsoem and inboxed her. She was glad that I actually took note of her words and had my friends off from today’s schedule at least.

She knows how dependent I can be if someone helps me out. It so happens that, most of the time I get exempted from cooking as two of my roommates takes a turn. I am no worse but idleness overtakes.  Hence, she was trying to trigger me to be lively.

P.S: Thank you my love for trying every achievable means to make me work on my own. You always had me supported in everything I did. Certainly, I will mark your words and be accountable for. Thank you, Manie and Kinga, my roommates, for sparing me thus far. Henceforth, I will take equal turn.


  1. That was refreshing. Your sister throwing tantrums at you! :D Enjoyed reading it, Leki. Keep writing. :)

  2. Haha. Glad that you liked it. Thank you for taking time to visit my blog, Langa. Please do visit again (:


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