Sunday, April 6, 2014

Am i insomniac??

Its been a week or two since I last had proper sleep. I am wakeful till the crack of dawn. It is no better feeling to have my eye lids thrash about to meet up. I am weighed down with no stress nor am I into offense that would keep me harassing. Yet sleep seems to have flawed its passageway.

Off to bed I am when my watch reads 10pm. But it seems to be more of a regulation that I am forcing myself to entail with. I would envelop myself up with a tulip only to feel suffocated. Left and right I turn. The increasing warmth makes it worse adding upon the challenge. 

Watching movies is of no diversion when alone. It proves to be of no assistance. I have my laptop logged in only to have it shut down after a while. Checking updates on facebook does not work any longer. Chatting with a stranger has always been hectic task for me. Therefore I opt for a few of my favorite tracks.

A couple of times I had my belly filled in at noon. Should it be dinner? Or breakfast for the next morning? Stupid it seems to be but I find no better job. Going through the pictures have my eyes moisten up yet with no sign of closure.

I wonder where on earth it has vanished. I have no idea where it is. I am with a hope that it will be no far whereby I can have it enjoyed as always.

Dear sleep, please do pass in by quicker. I am in much need. Love, LCD (:

P.S. To save myself from yet another sleepless night, a product of boredom.


  1. Don't worry,sometimes it happens, not just as we're tense or worry, but just because of little thing that we really don't know stop us from getting sleep. and yap sleep when u really feel and don't force, tho its understandable being in college, where we have to sleep on time, wake up on time, but u shud understand that we're our own skeleton. beautiful writing.

  2. Thank you Tashi (: certainly I have no idea what is going on. Yeah I got to cope with. Thank you for dropping in. Do visit again (:


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