Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oh my love, oh my love!

Oh my love, oh my love!

Crazy is my heart that fell in so profoundly for you,
But not a word can I utter when you are around.
No matter how I console,

No matter how I coddle,

Guiltless it is, aware of nothing.

Every moment it looks forward to.
You had my heart played around.

When on earth I deem of you,
I drop fight with my beat.

Beyond doubt you had me enchanted.

It nags me every second,
Keeps me awake, all night long.

Clueless you are, that,

It expires only for you.
Helpless I am, for you conquer every breath of mine.

I am no angel but I love you endless.

Oh my love, oh my love!


#LOVE :)













  1. It's a beautiful verse, Lekey. Simply loved it.

  2. :) Thank you for going through, Sonam.

  3. Nice, nice, Lekey.
    Oh love!
    You are troubling Lekey!
    Please make it easy.
    Don't play with her much.
    Or else don't trouble her. :D

  4. :D Langa,no trouble at all. At least for now. Bollywood songs of 60s had me inspired. No love :) thank you for going through :)

  5. Very nice stories you have on your blog. Some of the photographs are very good.

  6. Thank you for appreciation :) I hope its worth. Thank you for going through.


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