Monday, March 24, 2014

Fortunate Mistake

Change has always been a major part of my life since the very beginning. I have had the best instant with the worst. Beyond doubt the challenges I came across had me taught a lesson to cope with the changes, and has shaped me to be the person that I am today. I feel the hurdles in one’s life push a person to adapt and amend one to be wiser.

I grew up with a dream to be a tutor. Having seen my teachers had me mesmerized to be one. The aspiration changed as I was introduced to science subjects, especially biology, that I was pretty good at. I then dreamt of being a doctor.

My dreams were shattered to earth as I went through my BHSEC outcome. My numbers seemed too little even to get through the RUB colleges. The result had me weep for an hour, as though it would bring in alteration. I had no idea as how to go about. Living had me showered with mystification. I really had no more expectations then. 

Nevertheless, my parents had me taught to be optimist. They were of a faith that my marks would at least be welcomed in a few of nursing colleges, self funding though. They had me cosset with care for they knew I was uneasy with the outcome despite the hard work I have put in. They were pleased with the keenness that I had for studies.

I then had registered myself for the RUB colleges. Unexpectedly, after a month Sherubtse had me called for Media Studies, combination Dzongkha. Without second thought I had it confirmed, although I had no idea what the course is about. I made up to be contended but within I was in blue as it was by no means what I have been longing for.

By the end of July I was already at Sherubtse. Friends from all over the country had gathered for the program they opted for. A few, whom I suppose, had been forced to, same as me. While there were plenty who were glad for making it to the place they have been dreaming of. The place was of distinctive for me, having being away from home for the first time. I was in a place where my loved ones are nowhere to be seen.

I had less or no idea what was expected from me being a media student. In the introductory session when I was inquired the reason as to why I was interested in the course, honestly, I had it reveled, that I came to Sherubtse having no other option. The class had me laughed upon. However, there were a few more that had the same respond.

With time passing by, I leisurely fitted in with the environment. Things turned out to be familiar. Owing to my fortune, I had my best friend that happened to be in the same class. We had the name list re-shuffled and arrange ourselves in the same room. It was the only greatest part that I could rely upon, that I have her by my side. I could with no embarrassment whimper before her, when I missed my parents or when things went incorrect.

Progressively, I developed interest in the course. Never had I failed to submit the assignments nor did I miss single lesson. It was more of course work having no end examination, so I really had to accomplish the task with no failure. It was for the very first time that I went for interviews. The tutors seemed gracious and supportive, which made it easy for me to approach one.

I had my semester one completed productively. It’s second month of spring semester currently. I now know the purpose of me being here. With no doubt I have fitted in to be called as a media student. I leave no opportunity to try things that bypass. I am glad for having chosen the route. Lessons tend to be hard-hitting, yet motivating.

I was meant to be at Sherubtse, I believe. More than anything else, having chosen to be a media student would be the greatest accomplishment eternally. Fate had me dropped in the stage where my interest was situated. I always had been interested in writing and taking pictures, though I was good at neither of it.

There is no better course to media that fits in with my passion. I am now enthusiastically looking forward to make the best of everything. Optimistically, I am with a hope that I can change for the better and be a citizen that would fit in the society. Even if I can’t be a Journalist, that I am expected to be having chose the field.



  1. Everything happens for a reason. I'm sure one day you will realize why you ended up studying Media instead of becoming a tutor or a doctor. Keep up your spirit Lekey! :)

  2. Thank you for the words madam. I really hope there is something in store :) Thank you for going through.

  3. Nice post, Lekey. Keep learning and do well. Its great to know that you are now liking the place and the course. :)

  4. Thank you Langa. Yeah, hoping for the best. Thank you for visiting :D

  5. A beautiful post, I daresay; a real treat that I could get to read after long time. Maybe - just maybe - I went through the experience like you. Keep writing, Lekey. You are very young and if you keep the same spirit I don't know, wow, what you can do in my age. All the best!

  6. Thank you for the words Riku sir, I will put in my best for improvements. Thank you for visiting :)


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