Friday, March 14, 2014

Absurd Existence ):

I would smile, even if you say
 I am odd, because
I am still ME
#naphthalene ball art #fun :)
My watch reads 2am and still wide awake I am. Certainly, I am not meant be at this time. I hear my roommates snoring and that makes me even more interested to be lost into. Sleep does not come my way although, so eager I am to welcome it.
I have my assignments piled up, yet busy I am, covering myself up with a blanket. Spring it is, yet cold out here in Kanglung. The sleepless night drags me into thousands of thoughts which I often ignored. Having processed through countless mind-set had me left with an inference, existence being the true absurd.

Living seems to be of no meaning. Many a times we want to be like others, among those that are respected or being recognized by the society. We look for fame and wealth. We are never contented with the things that we are gifted with. Instead of appreciating the thousands of reward we grumble for not having sufficient.

Love is being showered to those who never knew what it means to be loved. While, there are millions having no family or parents who would otherwise love alike. The one who needed to be loved are left with none excluding hope. Fact seems to be indigestible having lived the fake perception. People are into offending others leaving aside the superior approach we are to acquire.

There is less or no place for genuine ones. Made up faces tends to overtake the truthfulness. The one who pretends to be humble are heartless indeed. People are in hunt to be well-liked. We would hardly be pleased about the character that is benevolent by spirit. We would rather be keen on discovering the wrong deed.

We long for thing that seems unachievable. People are into race competing for possessions. The greed to posses more has made the people selfish leading to loss of moral values with increasing anxiety. There is no level of satisfaction for wants. People live for others sustaining fake picture. There is no time for the loved ones. In contrast we adore the ones that have no worth in life.

We are ought to accept the ones that’s being hated the most. Moment seems to take off with the pace of a blink of an eye when we are with the one we love. A minute appears to of ages in times of grief. We are ought to be off from the only people that we care for.  Contradictorily, we have to put up with people whom we never knew.

Living would be of immense significance I believe, if every one of us goes our own way. Be aware of the deeds and toil for improvement. I am no superior to the others but unquestionably I am true me, where ever I am, for all time. Ridiculous, witty or awful, it’s real me. I live with no concern because I HAVE NO FALSE IMAGE to be retained. 

I have no means to offend anybody with this little piece. It is solely my perception that lingered within, and I still say what could be as absurdity to existence.





  1. So, you were going over all these thoughts when your room mates were snoring, Lekey? :D That was a lovely post. Respecting and loving self is indeed must if we are to achieve things we aspire for. But learning good things from others, not necessarily trying to fake things, won't do any harm. Keep writing.

  2. Haha yes :D Thank you for your words. Indeed true. Thank you for going through :)


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