Sunday, February 23, 2014

Much loved pass time

Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Memorial Chorten
Photography has always been my interest. As a kid I grew up flipping the pages going through the captivating scenes. I had less or on interest in going through the articles. Only the captions interested me. I always had a dream to capture the stunning scenes. The curiosity rose as I started to surf. I would spend hours going through Google Images. I started to capture everything around me. With no doubt none of the pictures were presentable. Still I carried on the doings.

 Even at this moment I am no better, yet proudly I am moving on with my favorite pass time. I need no distinctive place to start off my job. I just keep snapping at what interest me at that moment, anytime, anywhere. Beauty can be seen in everything, I believe, if we choose the right angle or have the decent perception.
I love to take pictures as it prohibit the moment from running away. It conserves the moment that cannot be reproduced.  Had there been no pictures one would never know how life was at early days. It’s only through the photographs that we can have a glance at the lifestyle back then.

As quoted “A photograph can tell thousand stories”, so does the pictures I took. Every snap hides an untold story. I am no professional at this art nor have I been trained. It’s exclusively based on my interest. I would indulge myself in this deed as I come across anything that strikes my eyes. The pictures that I captured are not so attractive; however I am with a hope that with every click I will learn something new and bring in better changes, optimistically.

I have my pictures posted on ‘Incredible Sight’, the photography page on facebook. Please, do hit like on my page, if you think its worth. Certainly, not perfect but a try, a daily photo journal.


Thus, forgive me for the post which largely included photographs. Instead of writing, I have been flooding my page with pictures.

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