Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Beautiful Colours

Prayer flags created the most captivating scene for photography. Somehow a photo session of mine always included the click of prayer flags strung near by. These colourful fibres are believed to carry our prayers to heaven.

It has filled in the hills and passes over the country. The prayer flags usually had five colours : blue, green, red, yellow and white.

The pictures underneath are a few scenes that I captured as I came across one.


  1. I'd certainly need to learn from you a lot in photography!

  2. And I say, I need to learn from you :) A try it is, solely based on my interest. Thank you for going through :)

  3. Beautiful prayer flags Lekey! Love all your pictures and I've liked your fb page too ;)

  4. Thank you mam (: I will work for better change. Thank you for visiting (:


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