Sunday, December 15, 2013

Do what you are interested in!

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As a kid I have had myself locked up in a room with my mother. While my friends enjoyed playing a ‘Hide and seek’ or ‘Ice and water’, I always engrossed myself in messing up the colorful yarns that she had for knitting. So young I was, then to have become skilled at. Still, having myself engaged in those multi colored fiber gave me immense contentment.

In stages, I have started to learn simple patterns. The intersection of bright shades seemed so impressive. Never have I been trained nor am I a master at this art, but knitting has always been my interest. Even as a student, I would look forward for long winter breaks, since I will be having a chance to learn one more.

I had to run after my cousins to teach me one, when they had a new pattern. They had me yelled at, at times, but it made no difference. I was happy to be taught. As I grew up, with more practice, the patterns turned out to be familiar. I had my mother for guidance in case of starting off a new one, since she knew basic patterns. She also had me choose bright colors.

Now, as I am more into browsing and social networks, I no more have to ask my neighbors or run after my cousins for innovative designs. Just a click on Google, and I can have my choice.Likewise, I would like to urge my friends to try one, if you are bored having no works during the long break. Having involved into knitting, turns out to be productive. It also gives great pleasure, when I wear the gloves or the scarf that I wove.

(Hence, forgive me for the spelling and grammatical errors. It is my very first writing for the blog)


  1. A good going, Lekey. It's a nice post. It was nice to read about your interest in knitting. Please do write more and I am looking forward to next post of yours. You do write well. :)

  2. Thank you for going through :) Just thought of trying it out. And yeah, I shall also thank you for inspiring me. Your help will always be needed :)

  3. It's beautiful to know! You are full of talents! ;) and it made a perfect first post! ^_^ cheers Leki!

  4. Thank you Tshewang :) Haha certainly not, yet another interest it is. I really hope it is indeed worth a good start. Thank you for going through, your comments will be appreciated.


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